Q: What is your policy?



Payment is currently accepted by Paypal.
If your payment hasn't gone through, an attempt to contact the buyer will be made. If there is no reply within 7 days the order will be cancelled.


Shipping times vary due to the number of orders/my schedule. Current building times for hoops/wands are posted at the bottom of my home page. Sometimes it can ship the next day, it all depends if it's already made, or a custom order.

If there is a problem with your order when it has arrived, lost or damaged, please message me. Don't forget to contact who I mailed with also to double check the tracking.

Hoops are mailed in bubble wrap, in a mailer bag, usually collapsed & always with a tracking number.

Wands are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a double in a durable tube, always shipped with tracking and insurance.

Wraps & Jewelry are shipped in a bubble wrap bag and mailed in a mailing envelope or brown wrapped box. Business cards & receipts are always included, also tracking.


I am currently not accepting refunds/exchanges for hoops.
Hoop exchanges can only happen if you were sent the wrong size/color/tubing, or your hoop  tubing arrived cracked.
If for some reason an item is badly broken when it arrives to you, (this can happen during shipping) please contact me ASAP. If your hoop arrives mishapen or wonky, I will help you take the necessary steps to help get your hoop back into shape. Please keep in mind shipping can be VERY stressful on hoop tubing, and can sometimes cause the hoop to loose its shape temporarily.
In some cases, the tubing can crack/break during shipping. If you would like to exchange it, you will be asked for PHOTO PROOF of the item for conformation of the shipping damage. You will be asked to ship the item back to me to inspect and I will send your new item as soon as possible.

All discounted/Ready to Ship hoop sales are final.

Cancellations must be made within 12 hours of placing your order.

Refunds for jewelry will only be acceptable If I find it necessary.

Wands can only be refunded/exchanged if there is a reason to do so. If you would like to get a refund/exchange please contact me.

Please contact me for any questions on exchanges/refunds.


Q: What are the differences between each kind of tubing?



PE -aka- POLYETHYLENE TUBING - This tubing is typically used for beginners, or fitness hoops. This is the heaviest tubing that I carry and is great to start your hoop journey with! the heaviness slows the hoop so you can learn the flow. Most PE hoops I make for beginners range from 35"-40" diameter. If you're unsure of what size to choose from, feel free to contact me! 

HDPE -aka- HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE - This type can be great for beginners to advanced hoopers, it all depends on preference. I carry two sizes, 3/4" which is the heaviest of the two, and 5/8" at the lightest. HDPE is very durable and a great hoop to use in the cold winter months. 

Polypro -aka- POLYPROPYLENE - The lightest tubing that I carry, featherlight if you will. There are two sizes available, again, 3/4" being the heaviest, and 5/8" at the lightest. This tubing is great for both intermediate and advanced hoopers. On or off body this tubing is flat out amazing!


You can always contact me through email, Instagram, or Facebook.

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