Q: What are the differences between each kind of tubing?




PE -aka- POLYETHYLENE TUBING - This tubing is typically used for beginners, or fitness hoops. This is the heaviest tubing that I carry and is great to start your hoop journey with! the heaviness slows the hoop so you can learn the flow. Most PE hoops I make for beginners range from 35"-40" diameter. If you're unsure of what size to choose from, feel free to contact me! 

HDPE -aka- HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE - This type can be great for beginners to advanced hoopers, it all depends on preference. I carry two sizes, 3/4" which is the heaviest of the two, and 5/8" at the lightest. HDPE is very durable and a great hoop to use in the cold winter months. 

Polypro -aka- POLYPROPYLENE - The lightest tubing that I carry, featherlight if you will. There are two sizes available, again, 3/4" being the heaviest, and 5/8" at the lightest. This tubing is great for both intermediate and advanced hoopers. On or off body this tubing is flat out amazing!


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