*BEST SELLER* Reflective Spectramorph Hoop


Would you like Clear Protective Tape? This tape will help keep your deco tape shiny and new. It will add a tiny bit of weight to the hoop, and is crystal clear. *Reccomended for reflective flair.*

Grip Tape (Optional)

Hoop Size - This is the Outer Diameter of your hoop.

Reflective Flair

Color Choice

What tubing would you like?


**Please read all info before prchasing**

The most amazing morphing hoops available, and they're reflective !

Available in TWO color choices~

Both choices have THREE morhphing colors on each hoop.

Want to add a little more spice to your Spectrahoop? Add some reflecting stars & dots ! Example in photos.

Please choose your hoop sizes/color on the menu.

All hoops are measured by OUTER DIAMETER.