*NEW* Spectraluna Reflective Hoop


Grip Tape (Optional)

Hoop Size - This is the Outer Diameter of your hoop.

What tubing would you like?



New design!

This hoop features a morphing stripe on the inside rim of the hoop, and two sets of rainbow flair on the outside with morph tape in between. Complete with clear tape to seal your hoop!

See this hoop in action here ~ https://instagram.com/p/BLr2NBNj9rT/

All hoops are measured in OD. 

Rivet/push button connection.


Reviewed by Britrichardson_09 on Sep 6, 2018
Love this hoop! It’s weighted perfectly, it’s my go-to and it’s probably over-all my favourite hoop, if not definitely at the top. I could tell the love was put into the work-womenship and construction of this beautiful circle.