Solid Color Reflective Hoop


Would you like Clear Protective Tape? This tape will help keep your deco tape shiny and new. It will add a tiny bit of weight to the hoop, and is crystal clear. *Reccomended for reflective flair.*

Grip Tape (Optional)

Hoop Size - This is the Outer Diameter of your hoop.

Reflective Flair

What color would you like?

What tubing would you like?

Please read all info before purchasing, thanks ! <3


These hoops create their magic when light is reflected on them through photo/video (camera flash, etc..)
Want to add a little more spice to your hoop? Add our reflective stars, dots, or both ! Example in photos.

Coat your hoop with some reflective moonlight love !

**All of my hoops are measured by Outer Diameter.**

**Wanting reflective doubles or more? Contact me ! The more hoops you buy the better the price is !**

Please keep in mind, if you order a larger hoop size in 5/8" or thinner, the hoop has a tendency to become wonky/floppy when spinning.
*If choosing the reflective star/dot add-on, clear protective tape is highly reccomended to keep the reflective pieces in place while in use.*

All hoops come collapsible with a push button & rivet connection.